Its where you can work and chat with your mates

The Camden Town Shed is an association offering a workspace where users can work on practical projects or follow hobbies with others.  The space is currently equipped for woodworking and hand-building in clay although we hope to extend that range.
Members decide when they come and what they do and enjoy learning from each other. The main sessions are for older people but other supervised sessions can be for over-18’s. Although its free to attend the workshop is substantially funded by member donations, public courses and any items we make for sale. Members can come from anywhere in London.
The idea draws on the successful Men’s Shed movement in Australia where 1000 Sheds have formed. Our Shed is part of a rapidly growing movement in the UK which now has 580 Sheds open (Nov 2021), up from five in mid-2011.
To view a 3.5min BBC video click on (2013)