Its where you can work and chat with your mates

The Camden Town ShedThe Camden Town Shed is a club offering a workspace where older people can work on practical projects or follow hobbies with others. People are welcome from anywhere in London. The space was equipped with tools and materials donated by the public or local businesses and is set up mainly for woodworking.  The association is run by the members who decide when they come and what they do. We learn from each other and contribute voluntarily to the club's future. Its free to attend.
The IdeaThe idea draws on the successful Men’s Shed movement in Australia where over 900 Sheds have formed in just over a decade. It is part of a growing movement in the UK which now has two new Sheds opening every week. There are 190 Sheds open (Sept 2015) , up from five in just under 4 years.
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