March 2020. We spent around £6000 buying in new dust extraction equipment to reach all major sources and had just started to install this when we were closed by COVID regulations.

July 2019 We were able to increase our working space by incorporating an additional room approx 9’X’8′. We also purchased new equipment ( a table sander and a table saw) and gave away our previous equipment to three other new Sheds.

April 2019 We opened an additional regular session on Thursdays for people needing supervision. This session is funded by a charitable trust.

October 2018:  Dr.Vivek Murthy, the 19th Surgeon-General of the USA (now its 21st)  spent 90 minutes with us enquiring about the health benefits of Men’s Sheds. The Shed subsequently featured in his new book ‘The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World.’

June 2018 We ran our first lunchtime cooking session.  Clayworking sessions expanded to two days per week.

April 2018 We began a regular Monday session for people needing supervision. The Shed funds the supervisor from our sales income.

April 2018 An 8 minute video of the Shed was made by the Open University